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School Code: 35299   |   Affiliation Code: 1230033

Year of Establishment: 2006

Name of the Trust/Society/Company Registered with: Mega Manipur School

Society Registration Number: 46/M/SR/2003

Mission & Vision


The school motto: ‘Education for Growth’ has been the guiding light and inspiration to our mission . Our children are
encouraged and guided to reach out and seek answers for themselves, to explore within and without rather than by taking them only through their academic text books. Our teachers are encouraged to innovate, to guide and most importantly become students themselves and be ‘first learners’ while imparting their guidance to the young minds. The Mega Manipur School aims and aspires to become an institution of excellence and an educational destination. It aspires in the endeavor to create responsible, compassionate and innovative global citizens, to provide a  comprehensive school with a complete array of academic and co-curricular development facilities to nurture the child’s potential to the maximum level possible.


Our small contribution to the society may be interpreted as an objective set to make our children independent, initiative-driven, possess self-esteem and patriotism and contribute their best to the nation to forever make it a better place to live in. We are driven by a dream to groom and nurture dynamic citizens of tomorrow, and to enable them to blend and prepare to face the challenges of the global society, while at the same time retaining their traditional values.

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