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School Code: 35299   |   Affiliation Code: 1230033

Year of Establishment: 2006

Name of the Trust/Society/Company Registered with: Mega Manipur School

Society Registration Number: 46/M/SR/2003

About School

The Birth:

It was a few years back when a group of like minded and concerned citizens of this land met to discuss ways and means by which they, as citizens, could contribute towards building up a peaceful, progressive, self sufficient and resilient Manipur – a Manipur that can stand tall with a salient capacity for sustained qualitative improvement. With this end, several areas were identified for collective commitment, involvement and action. In this process a common accord was reached to invest the individual as well as joint capability on an institution to provide the elusive wholesome education to our children at an affordable cost. In other words, the unanimity was to invest the collective mind and capability on efforts that would enhance the foundational strength of the society.

The School:

Mega Manipur School is located at the foothills of Nongmaijing Ching at Tinseed Road, Yaralpat, Imphal East approximately 7-8 kms. from Khwairamband Bazar. With the lush green foreground of Yaralpat and the rolling hills of Nongmaijing in the background, Mega Manipur School is  ultimate in pollution free envi-ronment.

The school blends with the serene natural landscape of the location arousing nostalgic feelings of peace and tranquility, encouraging excellence and sincerity to everyone associated with it.

Profile of the School

Mega Manipur School is an English Medium Coeducational School based on Montessori system of teaching/learning with local adjustment. The school follows syllabi and curricula of NCERT and CBSE, New Delhi for its academic courses. It is nurtured by a team of well trained and committed staff led by a dedicated and dynamic Principal. The school functions under the supervision of the School Management Committee constituted by the Mega Manipur Society, having representatives of Parents, Teachers and Society.

To ensure individual attention, academic improvement and mental growth to every student in the school, the Management has fixed the Teacher Student ratio at 1:20 and the overall Classroom Student ratio at 1:40.

The classrooms are well ventilated and the furniture are design ed for comfortable seating. The capacity of students is limited to 40 students per every classroom.

The Teacher student ratio enables every teacher to supervise a comfortable strength of 20 students each through their academic career by monitoring their academic, mental and physical growth, and introducing corrective measures wherever necessary.

The school lays extensive emphasis to CCA (Co-Curricular Activity) on a weekly basis which greatly helps them to develop their personality and confidence. It also helps them recognize their creative instincts through performances on literary and theatrical events. A dedicated Fine Arts and Craft Teacher allows the students learn to appreciate art in the form of drawing and modeling. Periodical classes are also conducted on Clay Modeling, Pottery, etc. to arouse curiosity and ignite the children’s interest.


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